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2017 – 2020

Post-doctoral study grant "Identification system of Design socio-economic impact towards transformation of knowledge intensive economy in Latvia", no. / VIAA / 1 / 16/125 Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 50 "Operational Program" Growth and Employment "1.1.1. the specific support objective "To increase the research and innovation capacity of Latvian scientific institutions and the ability to attract external financing by investing in human resources and infrastructure" in the framework of the post-doctoral research support.


2011 – 2013

European Social Fund scholarship for doctoral students in the project "Support to the implementation of doctoral study programs of the Latvian Academy of Arts", Nr. 2009/1058 / 1DP / / 09/09 / IPIA / VIAA / 014.



Public Work


Since 2016

The founder of the board of the Creative Partnership Association.


Since 1996

Children's art and culture summer creative workshops - camps organizer, leader and lecturer in Mūrmuiža; Dikļi; Rubene; Vidriži; Vaidava (All located in Latvia).

since 2019

​Member of Parents Board at Valmiera Pargauja State Gymnasium, Valmiera, Latvia.

2007 – 2011

​Founder and Head of Valmiera Primary School Development Foundation, Valmiera Primary School Parents' Council.


Participation in Organisations



Since 2021

Member of SEGD

(Society of Experimental Graphic Design),

Since 2016

Member of Design Literacy network,

Since 2016

Member of Design Research Society,

Since 2019

Member of Design Principles & Practices Research Network,




Speak, read, write, understand - Advanced Level.



Speak, read, write, understand - Intermediate Level.



Talk, read, write, understand - Beginner Level.



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