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Papers & Presentations
at Conferences

"How do you feel? Emotional wellbeing in distributed learning environments in design studies.", International conference on engineering and product design education, ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona, Spain


"Designing for personal-happiness: an empirical case study", International conference on engineering and product design education, London South Bank University, London, UK


The perceived value of design and the dilemma of digital technology solution preference: a case study of Generation Z , The First Annual Conference of the European Culture and Technology Lab+, Dublin, Ireland


Case Study: Toward Decoding Design’s Value—Communicating and Visualizing Design Research, SEGD Academic Summit, Philadelphia, USA


Perceived design Value through the Lens of Generation Z, CUMULUS Bogota conference The Design After, Bogota, Colombia


System of Decoding Design Value, AMPS conference Education, Design and Practice – Understanding skills in a Complex World, Stevens Institute of Technology, New York / New Jersey, USA


Decoding the Use of Design in Public Services, 6th International Multidisciplinary Scientific conference on Social sciences and Arts SGEM Vienna Art 2019, Vienna Social Sciences and Arts Extended Scientific Sessions, Vienna, Austria


Decoding Design Value, The Thirteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices, St. Petersburg, Russia


How to witness design, E&PDE 2018, 20th International Conference on Engineering &Product Design Education, London, UK.



Mapping of supply and demand of Design education in Latvia from 2006 - 2016, Nordic Forum for Design History Studies conference 2016, September 23 –24, University of Aalto, Helsinki, (FIN).



Participation in the panel discussion on the economy of circulation, POLARIS Economic Forum organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Riga (LV).



Dilemma of ethical & social aspects in design, Engineering and Product design education conference Great expectations: Design Teaching, Research & Enterprise, September 3 – 4, Loughborough University, Design School, Loughborough (UK).



Case study: Design thinking and new product development for school age children, 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers: LearnxDesign, 2015, June 28 - 30, Chicago (USA).



Leading Conductor at the European Craft Conference Creating Sustainable Economies Riga (LV).



Design Thinking Lecture and Workshop on Creative Activity, Radi!2014 week at the British Council's Educational Conference A School That's Good. Also to Learn. Presentation of the design audit on the Latvian crafts sector in a partnership with the Zemgale Planning Region.



LMA Department of Design Master's Degree Students and Zemgale Planning Region Craft Cooperation Pilot Project Presentation in Kavala, Greece.



Report The 16th Conference of the European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP) & 7th Conference of the Environmental Management for Sustainable Universities (EMSU) Bridges for a more sustainable future uniting continents and societies, Istanbul, Turkey.



Report for SCORAI Sustainable Consumption reserach and Action Initiative seminar.



Report The 14th International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education: “Design education for future wellbeing, Artesis University College Antwerp (BE).



Report Design for Sustainable Social Welfare, Latvian Academy of Arts Doctoral Conference.



Report for ERSCP 2012 European Roundtable of Sustainable Consumption and Production, Bregenz (AUS).



Report Use of Design for the Continuity of Society, Environment and Economy at the international conference Creativity as a potential asset for unlimited business development, Liepaja (LV)



Creativity and Strategic Design Use for Continuity, Annual Conference of the LMA Doctoral Studies "Classical Heritage and its Interpretations”, Riga (LV).



Report for the Doctoral Studies Conference of the Latvian Academy of Arts.



Report Design perspective in Latvia, Lodz Design Festival, Lodz (PL).



Report Overview on Design Support / Policy in Latvia, Regional meeting on Design support, Tallinn, Estonia.

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