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Toward Decoding  Design’s Value— Communicating  and Visualizing Design Research
2021 SEGD Academic Summit; Philadelphia, USA

Abstract from 2021 SEGD Communication + Place

Designers say that ‘design adds value’, but no evidence-based indicators have shown design’s impacts on society. The findings discussed in this paper are from a global–local case study based on a qualitative and mixed-methods study. The results clarify the added value of design from the user’s perspective across five generations and four socio economic class groups by recommending perceived design value indicators that measure personal satisfaction, happiness and well-being as end results of product and service usage.

Read more in the 2021 SEGD Communication + Place journal and other papers at

The Art of Giving the Art
The Forum for Culture and Arts Professionals; Liepaja, Latvia, 2020

My 24 years of experience in creating and sharing an art, design and cultural experiences to children and young people without professional skills at the first forum for culture and art professionals "Culture tomorrow", 2020.

Responsibility. Design. Opportunities.
Vidzeme Innovation Week; Cesis, Latvia, 2020

I share my vision on the topic «Responsibility. Design. Opportunities» in our regional and global context at the Vidzeme Innovation conference, Cesis, 2020. I discuss how locally available resources can be used in design and hence be beneficiary to the world, both socially and economically.


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