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Design Footprints

(Dizaina pēdas in Latvian)


Design Footprints (Dizaina pēdas in Latvian) is a map but, moreover, is an interactive timeline of design, socioeconomic, political, technological and sustainability facts from 1588–2015. The map encourages following historical facts as milestones throughout time and thinking of the causes and effects of external systems in relation to design solutions.

In Design Footprints, 168 design events and facts, including 64 design concepts, are linked closely to 144 technological innovations and 89 political, 57 economic, 24 social and 20 sustainability impact factors that have changed and influenced today’s state of the art, problems and contexts. Design is still taught and considered within the context of art history, so the timeline also includes 34 art styles.

I created the timeline based on my postdoctoral studies and published it as such rich, deep design context material is not available. With this contextual map, I want to raise awareness that every decision and action today and, in the future, will become historical events affecting the lives of future generations. Design challenges, solutions and opportunities, along with political, economic and social activities, decisions and actions, form cause-and-effect relationships that can solve social, environmental and economic problems.

Editorial design Matīss Zvaigzne, Reflect studio

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