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I practise and advise on diverse human-centred design research, design and creative thinking methods in process, strategy and new products, together with service development.

As an Associate Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia, I lecture on several subjects within the arts and creative industries including design and project management. I also supervise design Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral theses and projects.

I founded an NGO ‘Creative partnership’ in 1997 and continue to be a managing and creative director of the organisation. The organisation is involved in informal art, craft, design, and music subjects, including creative education.

I am the author of the time-line ‘Design footprints’ (‘Dizaina pēdas. Notikumu un dizaina mijiedarbība laika līnīja’, co-author Matiss Zvaigzne), in which design theory development is analysed in the context of economic, political, technological, social, and sustainability facts. I designed and managed the first (and only), continuous education program, ‘Design teacher’, catering for in-service art teachers located in both Latvia and other Baltic Countries.



I am Postdoctoral Research Fellow and

Associate Professor at

Design Department,

Art Academy of Latvia.


Identification system

of Design socio-economic

impact towards transformation

of knowledge intensive

economy in Latvia

In my postdoctoral research I have proposed the development of an identification system capable of measuring design’s socio-economic impact, as well as assessing design’s innovation capacity within knowledge-intensive and innovative economies in Latvia on product, service, and design-management levels. The mantra ‘design adds value’ is followed by the assumption ‘good design always creates good value’, but there are no evidence-based tools or identification systems that substantiate this assumption.

My research will serve two target groups: first, entrepreneurs as the direct target audience and, secondly, policy planners. These groups will be targeted by providing evidence-based design identification systems to measure and decode the added value of design as an asset. Developed design identification systems and performance indicators will address the lack of indicative evidence-based tools of design as a method and system, clarify the term ‘design adds value’, and develop new theories and frameworks for design.


Postdoctoral research "Identification system of Design socioeconomic impact towards transformation of knowledge intensive economy in Latvia", Nr., is financed by European Regional Development Fund and Republic of Latvia.


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Aija Freimane is a representative of the advisory body of the Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School. Aija's suggested solutions and guest lecturers have inspired students, teachers and guests to come up with new ideas, research and self-development, and are the basis for new discussions in art.

Inga Auziņa / LMMDV Director


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